Catherine Fitzgerald


The Long Lunch
Oil 76x76cm
The Woodpeckers
Oil 76x101cm
Provencial Summer
Oil 76x101cm
Destination Italy
Oil 61x76cm
*Secret Destination
Oil 30x30cm
*Enchanting Italy
Oil 30x30cm
*Discreet Charms
Oil 30x30cm
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About Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine is a Melbourne based Artist who has attracted world wide attention. Her works emanates a series of vibrancy, movement and emotional honesty. Working with Oils and Acrylic on Italian Linen, Catherine's Paintings naturally express her passion from memory and imagination for the simple things in Life,Travel, Culture and Nature. Catherine's  well trained eye for colour and composition finds her brush strokes and layers of paint that emanate luminously from the depth of the canvas. Her paintings are a journey and simultaneously attracting world wide attention for her Art.

Recent exhibition second prize small works Canterbury Art Exhibition 2014

Further information, awards etc can be obtained from website. 
Artist Spotlight interview

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