Elaine Foulsham


acrylic 127x97cm
#173   $1700
Passage of Time
acrylic 76x91cm
#174   $890
Forgotten Land
acrylic 76x76cm
#175   $890
A Slice of Paradise
acrylic 76x76cm
#176   $890
*A Gorge of Gold
acrylic 23x23cm
#177   $250
*Autumn Days
acrylic 23x23cm
#178   $250
*Golden Harvest
acrylic 23x23cm
#179   $250
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About Elaine Foulsham

Elaine Foulsham


(Painter & Printmaker)




Elaine is an accomplished Sydney Artist who has travelled extensively. She moved from Melbourne to Sydney as a child and grew up in beautiful Hunter’s Hill, where her art career began upon receiving the ‘Highly Commended Junior Art Award’ several years in a row, in the Hunter’s Hill Junior Art Shows.


More recently, Elaine has studied a Visual Arts Diploma at the Northern Sydney Institute where she was awarded the ‘Painting Excellence Award’ and the ‘History & Theory Excellence Award’ upon graduation. She has also lived in Florence Italy where she studied painting under various internationally acclaimed artists at SACI (Studio Art Centres International).


Elaine’s work has been exhibited and sold in many galleries throughout New South Wales, including the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery. Her work has also been privately commissioned numerous times and she has hosted many highly successful solo exhibitions.




By using texture and intense colour her work is mostly contemporary landscape. Even her abstract works evoke glimpses of landscape, with her mark making resembling rugged terrains, vast open spaces and coastlines. This emphasises the ephemeral nature of Elaine’s portfolio that aims to capture fleeting emotions and atmospheric conditions, whilst often suggesting solitude or isolation. Inspired by the untamed beauty of nature, her work represents what is all around us, but seen through her eyes. She likes to push the limits of imagination and believes she leaves a little of herself in all her work. 


Elaine can sit for long observations, just adoring the changing hue of the light and colour that surrounds us. She soaks up all that she sees and then returns to her studio where she can make a mess and paint intuitively. Elaine loves the buttery feel of oil and has found strong expression in acrylic and mixed media (her preferred mediums) on canvas or linen, but her style is always changing and evolving. Elaine is also an encaustic artist and a printmaker who sometimes enjoys a change of medium



Elaine says: Our history and the generations that have passed before us all leave a footprint on the landscape. My inspiration comes from what is often unnoticed by others. I believe if you look closely, you will see the past in the present, as well as in my work. We are all part of the landscape.

Elaine Foulsham’s work can be viewed on Instagram @elaine_foulsham_artist, https://www.instagram.elaine_foulsham_artist or contacted by email at elainefoulsham@gmail.com

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