Geraldine Richards


Seeing Through Trees
acrylic 36x46cm
#415   $470
East of Heidelberg
acrylic 91x56cm
#416   $650
*Raining Ovals Green
acrylic 26x26cm
#417   $135   SOLD
*Near Melbourne
acrylic 26x21cm
#418   $130   SOLD
*Raining Ovals Mauve
acrylic 30x30cm
#419   $140
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About Geraldine Richards

Geraldine has always been creative and now paints to fulfils her desire for joy, playfulness as well as introspection.Using a flat, graphic style she expresses her interest in landscape, the imagination and symbolismby employing  line, grid, geometry and nuanced colour. Youmay see aerial views, Australian landscapes or imaginary scenes using the house as a metaphor. Her work is influenced by her surroundings and personal history. For example shegrew up during the Modern era of Design and Architecture and lived in a Robin Boyd house that looked to the hills in the East Ivanhoe. The geometric shapes in the Boyd house and the vistas from that home are firmly etched in her memory and have made a strong base for her art work.

She won Best Contemporary Work at the Flinders Art Show (2016).

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