Rhonda Davies


acrylic 94x94cm
#116   $1500
Where Wild Roses Grow
acrylic 91x91cm
#117   $1250
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About Rhonda Davies



Rhonda is a Melbourne based artist, with over 20 years experience with acrylic and oil paintings in contemporary art.

She is represented in galleries across Victoria. Her style has a unique edge and appeals to a wide audience. She studied art throughout her school days and later on as an adult. Over the years Rhonda has exhibited in group and solo shows.

Rhonda’s extensive travelling has strongly influenced her development as an artist. She discovered the art of Hundertwasser in Austria, which really inspired her studies in design, her other influences are the early European Fauvist  Artists and their use of colour.

She is fascinated with the visual language of circular and organic forms. The art gains richness and complexity as successive layers of paints are added until she feels that a meditative and harmonious composition has been achieved.

Through the simplicity of her structures and abstracts. She tries to create a contemplative space for the viewer to lose - or indeed find themselves for a moment .....

Over the years her focus has transitioned more and more towards the fleeting beauty that surrounds us daily, the simple things that go unnoticed

She recently became a published artist, her art has been licensed for a card company in the UK, with worldwide distribution.

Her paintings can be found in collections all over the world.

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