Aileen Brown


To Be Happy For A Day - Drink
LINOCUT 25x20cm
To Be Happy For A Year - Marry
LINOCUT 25x20cm
To Be Happy for the Rest Of Your Life - Become a Gardener
LINOCUT 25x20cm
Behind The Potting Shed
LINOCUT 25x20cm
LINOCUT 28x44cm
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About Aileen Brown

Aileen Brown is a recognised print maker on the national scene. Her linocuts are distinguished by a particular and unique technical expertise. Aileen has reaffirmed the 1920's practice of producing prints coloured from the block rather than hand coloured. This painstaking process has sometimes included as many as twelve different applications on each print with each needing to be 'registered' or situated exactly to ensure its perfect placement within the overall design.

Aileen has been a regular artist-in-residence in secondary colleges and institutions for the last ten years. She also offers intensive linocutting classes at her studio. Aileen's linocuts demonstrate mastery of colour composition and design coupled with sensitivity and wit.


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