Catherine Fitzgerald


Fresh is Best
acrylic 92x122cm
#158   $2400   SOLD
Rise and Shine
acrylic 92x76cm
#159   $1295
Breakfast Indulgence
acrylic 76x51cm
#160   $895
Show Time
acrylic 76x51cm
#161   $895
Behind the Scene
acrylic 76x51cm
#162   $600   SOLD
Meet you There
acrylic 61x61cm
#163   $795   SOLD
All You Want
acrylic 41x31cm
#164   $400
Violets Are Blue
acrylic 41x31cm
#165   $400
Seize the Day
acrylic 72x56cm
#167   $750
Where Will We Start
acrylic 76x61cm
#168   $795   SOLD
Dancing the Vines
acrylic 107x101cm
#169   $2100
Bloom and Grow
acrylic 92x122cm
#170   $1900
Time After Time
acrylic 102x102cm
#171   $1795
Short Cut Home
acrylic 102x102cm
#172   $1795
So Hard to Leave
acrylic 30x30cm
#564   $295
acrylic 30x30cm
#565   $295
Close for Siesta
acrylic 30x30cm
#566   $295
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About Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald is a Melbourne base Artist who has achieved over 100 awards in Watercolour, Oils and Acrylics. Catherine has held over 80 Solo and Group Exhibitions and operated a Gallery with her own works in Melbourne for many years. She has been asked to judge at Exhibitions, and in recent years Catherine has travelled extensively in Europe and continues to have International success with her paintings. Catherine is self-taught after gaining an Art Prize at 12 years old. She also has an acute photographic memory where she retains details which are often an inspiration for the next painting. Many years ago she joined the National Trust of Victoria, this began her love for Historical buildings in Europe, at the same time enjoying the culture and lifestyle of the local people in their countries. Catherine’s paintings are a combination of inspiration, intellect and technical skills. Her decision concerning subject matter is important to her. It’s a means of sharing ideas on many levels where people can appreciate it for various reasons. Catherine’s painting technique blends semi realism with impressionism which then transpires to abstraction. Her spontaneous approach involves personal feelings in a most rewarding and enjoyable manner. Catherine is a passionate, compassionate and persistent painter and her dedication as an artist reaps its own rewards. Catherine’s works have been acquired by private and corporate collectors’ worldwide.

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