Catriona Galbraith


OIL 90x90cm
OIL 100x100cm
MIXED 90x90cm
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About Catriona Galbraith

Catriona is a Melbourne based contemporary artist. Although she has been tutored as a realist painter, her works are in the abstract expression genre.

In her paintings, she tries to take viewers out of their daily lives and immerse them in layers of vibrant colour, texture and movement. The works may be her expression of something tangible, such as a landscape, although equally they may represent something more elusive, such as a thought or emotion.

Ultimately, however, the subject is not particularly important as it is Catriona's aim that the paintings will evoke a response, whether emotional and/or cognitive, that is unique to the viewer. To heighten this experience and to help create a feeling of immersion, the pieces incorporate three dimensional elements though the integration of modelling and impasto techniques.

Artists that have influenced Catriona's work are many and varied, although painters such as Kandinsky and Pollock have been particularly influential from an early age.

Major exhibitions of Catriona's work this year in Melbourne will be held at Malvern Artists’ Society in June and at Intrude Gallery in September.

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