Corrine Young


Morning Sunshine in the Bush
oil 102x102cm
#542   $1030   SOLD
Evening Light Through the Forest Sentinels
oil 91.4x122cm
#543   $1300
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About Corrine Young

Corinne's style is semi-abstract nature paintings. She is lucky to paint against a backdrop of trees with birds and kangaroos frequently dropping in ... as well as the occasional brown snake! Her chosen medium is oil. She likes to build layers of paint to create a lovely texture that you can feel as well as look at. 

 Corinne started to paint later in life after suffering aTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at 52 years of age. Painting initially helped to"unlock" her inner-self, thoughts and feelings that she found hard toexpress. Through her recovery journey, painting has become an essential part of Corinne's healing process and also a love and passion. Corinne enjoys the connection and conversation that is generatedwith others. 

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