Craig Mackie


Meet and Whine
acrylic 45x64cm
#328   $1200   SOLD
Mixed Business
acrylic 49x64cm
#329   $1200   SOLD
Happy New Year
acrylic 55x65cm
#330   $1200   SOLD
acrylic 49x65cm
#331   $1200   SOLD
acrylic 13x22cm
#332   $140   SOLD
acrylic 13x22cm
#333   $140   SOLD
acrylic 20x20cm
#334   $140   SOLD
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About Craig Mackie

Since leaving full time work in 2008 I have been self employed as a cartoonist,illustrator and artist. I would describe my acrylic paintings as mostly realism, but with the occasional visit into surrealism ( mostly unintentional). The subject matter which interests me at the moment are the everyday buildings we may pass on the street and give very little notice to. Many years ago I worked with my dad who had a business drawing houses for real estate agents and was always impressed with the level of detail he included in his illustrations.
My paintings have found homes through galleries, cafes, art shows and 2 solo exhibitions.
Prizes and Awards;
2011 - Amaroo Art Show ; Best In Show
2012- Amaroo Art Show ; 2 Honourable Mentions.
2011- Roberts McCubbin Art Show ; Best In Show
2013- Roberts McCubbin Art Show; Highly Commended
2015- Hart Art Show; Best In Show

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