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Deborah Amon-Cotter

Deborah Amon Cotter is a Melbourne based artist whose current work includes a range of diverse mediums such as ceramics, oil paintings and mosaics. Deborah also conducts ceramics/mosaic classes for Whitehorse Arts Association and has completed several Artist in Residence programs at all levels of Education.

There are elements of her current style of work which have been strongly influenced by her time spent growing up in Singapore. Particular images from the Orient that are significant to her include the cherry blossom, elephants, Buddah and Japanese textiles. Deborah has also been influenced and admires the work of Mirka Mora, Deborah Halpern, Joy Hester and David Larwill.

On her return from Singapore, Deborah studied at Camberwell Girls Grammar where she developed her passion for ceramics. This was followed by two years at Box Hill Technical College completing a Vocational Orientation Program and a Tertiary Orientation Program. From 1982 to 1984 Deborah completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in ceramics at Victoria College, Prahran before going on to complete a Diploma of Education in 1986.

Deborah is regularly invited to exhibit her work at Wyreena, Roberts McCubbin Primary School, The Red Lion, The Artist's Garden etc. In the future she looks forward to developing larger pieces of work on canvas, experimenting with porcelain on the wheel and to continue working with mosaics as an Artist in Residence.


2006 Exhibition

Little Blossom Tree
OIL 35x26cm

Japanese Landscape
OIL 38x31cm

Bird With Olive Branch
OIL 38x31cm

Love Bird
OIL 38x31cm

Cherry Blossoms
OIL 38x44cm

Spring Landscape
OIL 48x37cm
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