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Dianne Fix

Dianne has had an interest in art forĀ 50 years. Dianne's experience over many years includes the study of painting and drawing using various mediums including pencil, oil and acrylics.

Over the lastĀ 30 years, Dianne has studied under John Lawry to develop all forms of painting, including Trompe L'oeil.

A combination of real and abstract work, Dianne enjoys most forms of painting - especially French themed paintings.


2006 Exhibition

Waiter 1
ACRYLIC 36x36cm

Waiter 2
ACRYLIC 36x36cm

ACRYLIC 36x36cm

ACRYLIC 36x36cm

Hawthorn Bush
ACRYLIC 36x36cm

Common Bramble
ACRYLIC 36x36cm

In The Bathroom 1
ACRYLIC 41x41cm

In The Bathroom 2
ACRYLIC 41x41cm

Door Ajar
ACRYLIC 61x41cm

Buttons & Bows
ACRYLIC 122x91cm
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