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Elizabeth Martyn

Elizabeth Martyn travelled to Australia from London in 1981. She studied Fine Art in Bristol, England, then worked in the theatre as designer and performer appearing at the Edinburgh Festival from 1977 to 1979.

Drawing, painting, sculpture and theatre have been part of her life for many years. She paints in watercolour and oil, using pure colours with luminous intensity. Having trained as an art therapist, the use of colour for healing forms the basis of her work. Plein-air painting is a source of joy and inspiration and she has worked for extended periods in Italy, Greece, England, and the desert regions around Lake Eyre.

She has paintings in several healing centres, as well as private collections in Australia, USA, England and Denmark.

Works may be viewed by appointment at her Camberwell studio, where she also teaches life drawing and painting classes.



2006 Exhibition

Sasanqua Camellias
OIL 25x25cm

OIL 25x25cm

Chilli Peppers
OIL 25x25cm

Quinces and Pear
ACRYLIC 40x50cm
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