Ethne Benn


The Joy of Spring
acr/ink 81x83cm
#8   $950   SOLD
Coming up Roses
acr/ink 107x76cm
#9   $1150   SOLD
Jewels of the Reef
acr/ink 122x122cm
#10   $4800
Say it with Roses
acr/ink 76x76cm
#11   $1050
*Honeysuckle Rose
acr/ink 25x20cm
#12   $125   SOLD
*The Rose
acr/ink 25x29cm
#13   $125
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About Ethne Benn

Ethne has been an artist for 30 years. She started out as a representational artist working in oils and was featured in galleries in her native Johannesburg, South Africa. After immigrating to Australia in 2008, Ethne began her meaningful journey leaning more into abstract art. She has been an active participant in exhibitions across Australia and has sold many of her works.  Her journey into abstraction has influenced her more realistic work. Her latest series of wild roses and the reef is very loose and expressive and almost lyrical.

After decades of constant striving to paint freely and spontaneously, Ethne is finally able to draw from within and produces fresh and exciting results through self-expression. 
As well as teaching art, Ethne exhibits and sells her art at various exhibitions around Australia was a finalist in the KAAF art prize in November 2016.
Her exhibition calendar for 2018

·         The Other Art Fair Sydney
·         Lindfield Art Show 2017
·         Art in the Hills (Art Prize Finalist)
·         Royal Easter Art Show
·         Oyster Bay Art Show
·         Oatley West Art Show
·         Canterbury Art Exhibition
·         Hunters Hill Art Exhibition
·         Kings School Annual Art Show
·         Balmain Art Show
·         Glenaeon Art Show

Ethne’s work is best viewed on Facebook and Instagram
She can also be contacted on or 0409 884 296

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