Genna Kaye


acrylic 94x94cm
#247   $890
acrylic 79x79cm
#248   $690
Seed Pod
acrylic 94x124cm
#249   $1090
acrylic 94x124cm
#250   $1090
Mountains in Summer
acrylic 91x121cm
#251   $920
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About Genna Kaye

I am a self taught artist, a mother, a sister, a friend. I am so many other labels, but what I resonate most with is that I am a work in progress. My art is a reflection of who I am in that moment, my feelings, my movements and my imagination.I am always looking inward to connect with my passion and embracing the joy I feel when I am in my studio. Painting can turn my frustration into clarity, my stresses into peace and for that I am eternally grateful. 

My main focus is the relationship between shape colour and line, colliding them together whilst still creating a balance between all three. I am constantly playing with new textures and techniques within my work. I love how a piece builds over time, it is often a wonderful surprise as to how a piece ends up, as I never have a clear picture in my mind on how I want my piece to look, rather I love how my feelings and energy in the studio create the end result.

For me, Being an artist is a beautiful visual journey of the discovery of myself. 

Genna Kaye

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