Genna Kaye


Blush Waters
acrylic 105x156cm
#296   $1250
Green Spirit
acrylic 95x126cm
#297   $990   SOLD
Pink Lily
acrylic 95x126cm
#298   $990   SOLD
Blue Haven
acrylic 95x126cm
#299   $990   SOLD
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About Genna Kaye

Hello, my name is Genna Kaye, I am a self-taught artist living and working in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My love for colour, painting and design has been with me as far back as I can remember. I began exploring my creativity in more depth in 2016 and what started as producing some artwork for my home and family, has slowly become so much more.

My main focus for this series is the relationship between shape, colour and line, colliding them together whilst still creating a balance between all three. I am constantly playing with new textures, colours and techniques within my artwork. I love the way a piece comes together over time, its often a wonderful surprise to myself on how a piece will end up, as I never have a clear picture in my mind on how I want the piece to look, rather I love how my feelings and energy in the studio create the end result.

My artwork is never intended to make the viewer feel or see anything, more to invite their minds to wander and dance through the colours and movements before them... If I can capture their attention and still their minds for just a moment I feel my artwork has done its job. I have always said I want to leave my mark on the world… Painting is my mark

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