Haylie Breen


mixed 76x76cm
#33   $600   SOLD
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About Haylie Breen

I have always drawn inspiration from images found within National Geographic, Vogue and trashy gossip magazine. There my imaginationfound a world of fantasy created by the vibrancy of expression in exoticcultures. Stark beauty expressed through bright colours, elaborate dress,adornment of jewellery and symbols of one selves’ identity and culture. Womenin beautiful dress which convey mystery, strength, but also extreme fragility.The stark contrast between nature and hyper stylised beauty.

My work primarily focuses on traditionally beautiful womenin flowing colourful garments – and flirts with the relationship of flesh andfabric to modesty and identity. After travelling through South East Asia, Europeand the Middle East I was personally confronted by the different ways women aretreated through their appearance and clothing.

Current work for sale through "Art Style Gallery, Surry Hills

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