Helen Bradbury


Drake Passage
OIL 91x91cm
Evening Light
OIL 101x76cm
Evening In The High Country
OIL 92x92cm
OIL 91x91cm
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About Helen Bradbury

Helen's paintings explore the textures, colours and rhythms of the landscape.

Her paintings are a distillation of her experiences from flying and sailing around Australia as well as travelling overseas, including recently to Antarctica. Her recent works are responses to the mystical and rhythmic qualities of powerful landscapes which she has visited.

In her abstract style she conveys the subtle and shifting atmospheric effects of light, wind and water. The images portrayed in her paintings are interpretations of places known and remembered.

Photography, journal writing and sketches play an important part in Helen's work of recording an image. She uses these as a starting focus and then takes the painting in another direction culminating in a more abstract work of shapes and forms.

Some of the painters who have been of influence are Mark Rothko, J M W Turner and Lloyd Rees. Rothko because of his use of color, having a transcendental quality to evoke feelings in the viewer; Turner with his use of light, atmosphere and freedom of movement; Rees for his use of color and the simple and lyrical quality in his paintings. Helen has also drawn inspiration from contemporary Asian artists such as Lee Kang So for his simplicity and use of dissolving or only minimally defining form.

Helen's paintings are in private collections in Australia and USA.

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