Janine Daddo


The Flower Dancers
ACRYLIC 120x150cm
The Bliss Of You
ACRYLIC 120x150cm
Skinny Dip
ACRYLIC 120x120cm
The Juggler
ACRYLIC 120x120cm
The Love Letter (4)
ACRYLIC 120x150cm
Take Good Care Of My Heart
ACRYLIC 120x120cm
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About Janine Daddo

Janine Daddo has natural exuberance for life that allows her to gain great joy from the everyday moments that most of us take for granted. Her observation of these moments are what inspire her paintings and her desire to share the simple magic that is all around us.

To capture the moments that shapre us and inspire us, Janine uses bold figurative interpretations brought to life through the confident and evocative use of colour. This powerful combination on lartge canvas brings smiles to faces and a positive enjoyable energy to the space in which they hang.

Many of her paintings capture the purity and the unbridled enthusiasm for the little things that we felt as children,or the passion that new love brings. Sometimes it's the pause before trying something new, perhaps fobidden, or of a momentary second glance. Too often it is the images that somehow often get overlooked along the way.

Janine graduated in Graphic Art and Design at RMIT in 1981, before embarking on a successful career in advertising. A career which gave a great meny awards and rewards that are strongly evident in her colourful work.

In 1993 she married Michael and has two beautiful children, Jaksen and Arkie. In 1998 the family followed their hearts to live near the sea and moved to the Mornington Peninsula where Janine's studio sits amidst the green of the garden and the gentle roll of the sea.

Janine invites us to look again, lose yourself in the romance of life and celebrate the simple moments captured in her joyous colouful paintings.

Brief History:

  • 1979-81 Graphic Art and Design RMIT Melbourne, completed with honours
  • 1981 Worked as illustrator in Fashion and Retail Industry
  • 1982-94 Started career in Advertising working as a campaign ideas and strategic art director/writer for several large and boutique Agencies in Melbourne and Sydney
  • 1994- Working as a mother and fulltime artist

Exhibitions 2005:

  • Feb/Mar - Gallery Philip Neville, Darwin
  • April - Melbourne Affordable Art Show
  • June - Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza - solo exhibition
  • August - Sydney Affordable Art Show
  • October - London Affordable Art Show
  • November - Gulotti Gallery, Perth

Janine is also advertised in the March '05 edition of the Australian Art Review Magazine.

Janine's works can be seen at Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza.

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