Joe Blundell


The T&G
oil 76x61cm
#29   .
The Napier Hotel, Fitzroy
oil 76x61cm
#30   .
Suttons Gallery, Fitzroy
oil 76x61cm
#31   .   SOLD
Moor St, Fitzroy
oil 76x61cm
#32   .
West on Bourke
oil 76x61cm
#33   .   SOLD
Collins and Russell
oil 76x61cm
#34   .   SOLD
Bridge Road Into the City
oil/lin 76x61cm
#35   .   SOLD
Drinkers at the Evelyn, Fitzroy
oil/lin 122x102cm
#36   .
China Town
oil/lin 122x102cm
#37   .
Coming and Going on Bridge Road
oil/lin 122x102cm
#38   .
Down Collins
oil/lin 66x51cm
#39   .   SOLD
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About Joe Blundell

Joe is a full time artist working from his studio in Richmond. Joe has an unusual blend of backgrounds both in visual arts and corporate marketing and strategy. Inspired to paint at an early age by his artist Uncle, Joe used to sit on the pavement and paint houses. He sold his first painting of a local house to the owner for 60 pounds – a small fortune for a 12 year old boy in 1976! Encouraged towards a “proper job” Joe largely stopped painting at 20 when he began a corporate career in marketing in the UK, a career that eventually brought him to Australia in 2008 to join the board of Coles Supermarkets. 4 years ago Joe flew back to the UK to look after his Mum during an operation. The operation was delayed and he found himself back in the parental home with time on his hands. Whilst rummaging in the loft he found his childhood painting stuff and began to paint. It then hit him that he’d been doing the wrong job for 30 years! Within days of returning to Melbourne he rented a studio and started to paint. He had 30 years to make up.


In 2015 Joe was selected from 4500 entries as a finalist in the prestigious Artist of the Year award in London staged by the worlds largest art publication Artists & Illustrators Magazine.


Since then Joe has twice been shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London and last year was a finalist in The Kennedy Prize in South Australia.


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