Julie Lundgren-Coulter


Summer Memories
OIL 32x61cm
Late Afternoon Light
OIL 34x62cm
Afternoon Stroll
OIL 30x59cm
Afternoon Shadows
OIL 36x73cm
Summer Frolic
OIL 36x83cm
February Day
OIL 36x46cm
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About Julie Lundgren-Coulter

Julie is fascinated by the landscape, form, design, colour, and the way that light can transform an everyday subject into something really beautiful. She is most influenced by the work of the Impressionist artists and in particular the Heidelberg School of Artists who she admires greatly. Julie is particularly fond of exploring Vicotria's beatufiul coast and rural scenes close to her home.  A recent development has been the use of charcoal and ochres in her art work which produces quite a different art work.

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