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About Julie Shaw

Julie Shaw grew up in a home where art was appreciated and talent encouraged. From an early age, Julie was taught to draw and paint by her mother, established water colour artist and teacher, Peggy Shaw. Julie also explored different art forms during lessons from other artists. Julie's artistic talent was recognised throughout her schooling and she majored in art during her tertiary education. Life drawing is still a favourite activity and she attends classes every few years. After attending a course in ceramic mosaic techniques, Julie began to explore this medium with enthusiasm. Beginning with wall hangings, pavers and pots mosaiced in broken tiles and china, Julie quickly realised that she wanted to take this technique and medium further. After experimenting with glass and recognising its huge range of colours, luminosity, transparency, individuality and its ease in cutting to desired shapes, Julie realised that glass has a far greater potential to express her ideas than ceramics. She now works exclusively in beautiful, imported glass, creating interior/exterior wall pieces, table tops, mirror surrounds and vases. Julie enjoys experimenting with subjects and styles, from being influenced by Wassily Kandinsky’s geometric designs, to attempting to create images of flowers, windows and landscapes in glass.

Recent recognition of Julie’s work includes mention in a newspaper article in the Midland Express newspaper (21/3/06) about an imminent exhibition in Castlemaine and Maryborough, “Julie Shaw will work her magic in glass…”.There was also a photograph of a vase which Julie had created with a colourful rooster ‘wrapped’ around it in Australasian Poultry Magazine, August/September 2005.

Current exhibitions: Julie exhibits her work regularly at Skydancers’ Butterfly Garden, Nursery, Gallery and Café, Castlemaine. She is also a major contributor to this year’s Year of the Dog exhibition at Castlemaine (Goldfields Market Building) 1/4/06 – 30/4/06 and then at Maryborough (Central Goldfields Art Gallery) 6/5/06 – 11/6/06. Julie is exhibiting six wall pieces depicting dogs in mythology.


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