Kate Smith


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Woman Of Passion
PAST/GOU 110x125cm
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Cafe Sweetheart
PAST/GOU 122x96cm
no artwork photo
Study For - Position Vacant
PAST/GOU 100x93cm
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PRINT 107x80cm
no artwork photo
Champagne Breakfast
PRINT 105x88cm
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The Letter
PRINT 110x84cm

About Kate Smith

Some are born knowing who they are, and others where they are going. Others spend their entire lives trying to find out. Some never do.

Kate Smith has always known.

Born Manchester England 1947. Educated England, Cambridge New Zealand and Durban South Africa. She has resided within Australia since 1979.

Kate Smith found herself drawn to imagery at an early age in fact her first day in the schoolroom. Her early background when leaving school was in fashion art came along in 1973 at the age of 27, although not formally trained Kate has made a full time living from her art for 35 years. Exhibiting both here and internationally, She has participated in Many Group and one-man shows she holds 4 four solo exhibitions a year.

What is remarkable is this self-taught artist, never uses live models the images “Create Themselves”. Coming from the artist’s own conscious and from somewhere deep with her spirit, expressing her understanding of life’s magnificence and sometimes indifference in an attempt to convey that message through her artwork. Kate has an incredible Eye for Style and Design. This is most evident in the intricate detail of elaborate ensembles she creates for the women in her paintings, often using three-dimensional objects such as vintage jewellery glass beads and fringe. Her Women Beyond Decadent!

Her images range from Brightly Coloured decadent works to Sultry Sophisticated Scenes captured in more Subdued Palettes. Her unusual Pastel and mixed medium techniques adds depth and Intensity to her work. Whether Brightly Coloured Exuberance or Subdued Elegance Kate’s Paintings always reflect “La Bonne Vie”. The Good Life.

Winner of many art awards. Her work can be viewed in State Regional Galleries, Private and Corporate Collections throughout Australia. She has been featured in Magazines such as Readers digest, Queensland Homes. Victorian Homes, Belle. Art and Australia. Art Collector, Antique and Art. Nossa Style to name but a few.

1989 Boolaraong publicaitons of Queensland produced a book featuring works from her landscape period although it is now out of print. The book titled Alice and Beyond can be viewed in all State Library collections.

Now in her 60th year, she is comfortable with her style of art ‘and it shows’. Kate has had many sell out exhibitions throughout her career and is undoubtedly one of the best Pastel Artists in Australia.

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