Kathy Best


After the Rain
acrylic 48x64cm
#20   $300
Canyon Lands
acrylic 79x53cm
#21   $390
acrylic 53x79cm
#22   $390
Tropical Retreat
acrylic 76x50cm
#23   $310
*Spice it Up
mixed 20x25cm
#24   $80
*Boogie Woogie
acrylic 20x25cm
#25   $80
*Dancing Queen
acrylic 20x25cm
#26   $80
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About Kathy Best

I create acrylic and mixed media abstracts, semi abstracts, and contemporary pieces based on observation of the world around me. I particularly like colour, texture, movement and geometry. I'm addicted to painting, have a need to paint, and I want to put my work out there for the whole world to see.

I have been painting consistently with my local art group since around 2008 under the guidance of many tutors. I also attend multiple weekly tutored classes and full day workshops and I am continuously learning and thinking of new ideas.

Winner: Box Hill Art Group Mid Year Exhibition - 2016 - Judge Stephen Armstrong

Highly commended: Box Hill Annual Exhibition - 2017 - Judge Jo Reitze

I see the world and I paint it.

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