Kimberley Cardow


Summer Awakens 1
acrylic 78x78cm
#55   $945
Summer Awakens 2
acrylic 78x78cm
#56   $945
Be Still
oil 76x76cm
#57   $460
acrylic 48x48cm
#58   $480
oil 23x30cm
#59   $185   SOLD
*Take Flight
oil 23x30cm
#60   $250   SOLD
*In the Distance
oil 30x23cm
#61   $185
Poppy Magic
acrylic 46x46cm
#568   $450
Chelsea Fireworks
acrylic 60x60cm
#569   $450   SOLD
Bubble Dance
acrylic 51x76cm
#570   $400
acrylic 76x102cm
#571   $550
acrylic 46x46cm
#572   $500
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About Kimberley Cardow

Melbourne Based Contemporary Artist

Kimberley Cardow

Kimberley is a Melbourne based Contemporary Artist, who takes her inspiration from exploring her environment. 


Raised in Sydney, Kimberley developed a love for adventure, appreciating large, small and unexpected discoveries through her travels and explorations.  Moving to Melbourne in 2008, Kimberley continues to examine both urban and natural surroundings in Australia and when travelling internationally.  A foundation of her artistic expression is the combining of form, symmetry, colour and her own resulting emotions and translating these to her works in both acrylics and oils.  She has been quoted as saying that “Painting is a beautiful form of sharing and letting others see what I’m feeling”. 


In her current Flower Series, Kimberley is exploring close ups of flowers, bringing out the heart and hidden treasures of each.  By celebrating nature’s form she captures the beauty,simplicity and competing complexity of the flower.  Size, colour and aspect contribute to the joy of participating in Kimberley’s latest quest of bringing the outdoors inside through her works.



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