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Kristy de Moiser

With qualifications in Accounting and Economics, Kristy surprised everybody when she revealed a hidden talent for painting. Her subject matter is many and varied, but it is her sensitive and poignant depiction of animals - both pets and wildlife - that makes her work truly magical .

When Kristy is not painting animals you will find her working on a landscape, a street scene or a bright contemporary piece. Her contemporary pieces are known for their vivid, glorious colours, textural effects and cheerful subject matter.

Kristy was recently awarded the People�s Choice Award at the Monash Gallery's 'Masterpiece in a Day' Competition (December 2004). She has also exhibited at the Camberwell Rotary Art Show.

For more on Kristy de Moiser see www.kristyde.com


2006 Exhibition

Madam Butterfly
ACRYLIC 60x45cm

Galaxy Ride (Triptych)
ACRYLIC 60x93cm

Music Maestro
ACRYLIC 75x100cm
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