Kristy de Moiser


Madam Butterfly
ACRYLIC 60x45cm
Galaxy Ride (Triptych)
ACRYLIC 60x93cm
Music Maestro
ACRYLIC 75x100cm
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About Kristy de Moiser

With qualifications in Accounting and Economics, Kristy surprised everybody when she revealed a hidden talent for painting. Her subject matter is many and varied, but it is her sensitive and poignant depiction of animals - both pets and wildlife - that makes her work truly magical .

When Kristy is not painting animals you will find her working on a landscape, a street scene or a bright contemporary piece. Her contemporary pieces are known for their vivid, glorious colours, textural effects and cheerful subject matter.

Kristy was recently awarded the People�s Choice Award at the Monash Gallery's 'Masterpiece in a Day' Competition (December 2004). She has also exhibited at the Camberwell Rotary Art Show.

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