Kylie Sirett


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
oil/lin 39x31cm
#471   $490
They Grew; They Did Not Talk About Growing
oil/lin 34x34cm
#472   $450
It Takes Darkness to be Aware of Light
oil/lin 34x34cm
#473   $450
There is No Real Beauty Without Some Slight Imperfection
oil/lin 39x39cm
#474   $490
*Good Thoughts Bear Good Fruit, Bad Thoughts Bear Bad Fruit
oil/lin 20x25cm
#475   $330
*In Light There is Dark and in Dark There is Light
oil/lin 20x25cm
#476   $330   SOLD
*Time Flies Over Us but Leaves a Shadow Behind
oil/lin 25x20cm
#477   $330
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About Kylie Sirett

As an artist Kylie draws inspiration for her intimate still life works from her immediate surroundings. Using readily available produce, Kylie attempts to capture the beauty and her appreciation of what’s around us every day. In this series of oil paintings, Kylie draws attention to light and it’s effect on surfaces and textures.


Using a combination of carefully selected natural forms and vintage kitchenalia, Kylies strong compositions highlight not only their aesthetic beauty through colour, form and light but force the viewer to see things from a different perspective, creating food for thought and seeing beauty in the everyday.

Recent awards include:

2017, Best Still Life, Warranwood Art Show

2016, Best Oil/Acrylic (Acquisitive), King Valley Art Show
2015, Best Still Life, Warranwood Art Show
2015, Principals Award, Parade College Art Show
2014, Best Pastel, King Valley Art Show
2014, Best Small Work, Canterbury Art Exhibition
2014, Best Pastel, Bendigo Art Show

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