Kylie Sirett


oil/lin 48x63cm
#520   $795
oil/lin 48x63cm
#521   $795
oil/lin 38x38cm
#522   $495   SOLD
oil/lin 25x20cm
#523   $320
oil/lin 25x20cm
#524   $320
oil/lin 25x20cm
#525   $320   SOLD
oil/lin 25x20cm
#526   $320
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About Kylie Sirett

As an artist Kylie draws inspiration for her intimate still life works from her immediate surroundings. In this series, Kylie draws attention to light and it's effect on surfaces and textures.

Using common household objects, Kylie's compositions highlight not only their aesthetic beauty through colour, form and light but also their relationship to one another and the space they individually hold.

Recent awards include:

2017, Best Still Life, Warranwood Art Show

2016, Best Oil/Acrylic (Acquisitive), King Valley Art Show
2015, Best Still Life, Warranwood Art Show
2015, Principals Award, Parade College Art Show
2014, Best Pastel, King Valley Art Show
2014, Best Small Work, Canterbury Art Exhibition
2014, Best Pastel, Bendigo Art Show
2013, Best Work on Paper, Albert Park College Art Show
2013, Best Pastel, Parade College Art Show
2012, Best Pastel Under $1000, Mt Waverley Art Show
2012, Postcards Award, DACE Art Show
2012, Highly Commended, St Kevin’s Art Show
2012, Outstanding Pastel Composition, Bendigo Art Show

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