Melinda Pile


Out of Town
acrylic 76x76cm
Central Park
acrylic 102x76cm
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About Melinda Pile

Melinda developed a passion for the natural world during her botany studies. That love of nature and organic forms can be seen in the stylised landscapes Melinda produces.

 What started for Melinda as a love of intricate watercolour plant and insect studies, has evolved over recent years into a passion for producing bolder acrylic pieces. Melinda uses pattern, texture and cartoon styling to represent the world around her.

 Melinda says that today, her inspirations are still largely the natural world, but she is also fascinated by the concept how people in rural and urban communities relate to each other and their environment. 

Melinda recently won a highly commended award from Oak Hill Gallery for her painting Peninsular.

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