Melissa Petty


The Man Searched For His Heart Only To Realise It Was With Him All Along
ACRYLIC 83x82cm
ACRYLIC 83x81cm
Take Back Time
ACRYLIC 45x46cm
The Butterfly Effect
ACRYLIC 77x78cm
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About Melissa Petty

Melissa Petty has a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art (honours) from RMIT and a diploma of Illustration From NMIT.

She is inspired by writing, films, literature, anatomy, her dogs, donkeys, animation, found objects, the experience of love, textures on walls and the stories at the forefront of her mind.

Some of her influences are works by Sara Fanelli, Lane Smith, Jeff Soto, Joseph Beuys, Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Dresher, Surrealism, Da da, and Frieda Karlo to name some. She is interested in being both very playful and very serious within paintings, and has a fascination with texture.

She received the award for Best Picture Book Illustration at the Illustre Exhibition of 2004. Melissa is also a finalist for this years Jaque Cadry Prize (2006)

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