Michelle Sanger


Bergamot in the Afternoon
acr/ink 124x56cm
#444   $1750
The Sunday Collector
acr/ink 52x52cm
#445   $850
Hanging Garden
acr/ink 52x52cm
#446   $850
acr/ink 93x64cm
#447   $1600
*Tell the Bees
acr/ink 30x30cm
#448   $580
*Cactus 1
acr/ink 30x30cm
#449   $250
*Cactus 2
acr/ink 30x30cm
#450   $250
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About Michelle Sanger

Michelle Sanger is a Melbourne based contemporary artist who has been exhibiting since 2005, with 6 solo and numerous group shows as Michelle Sanger & previously as Michelle Giacobello.

Michelle has a deep affinity to the natural world - often capturing the patterns within it, focusing on negative spaces or unusual but completely natural colours that have been amplified. Her work is based on everyday objects or scenes but usually abstracted out to focus on the patterns within things.

This year she has presented a cross section of works, and some are from a series exploring myths and legends.  She is drawn to storytelling and likes to produce works that are open to a myriad of interpretations.

"It's my hope that the viewer will find some zen in my works - a quiet space to trace lines and get a little lost in thought and contemplation.

You can see more of her work at www.michellesanger.com.

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