Min Zhang


Go with the Flow?
W/C 46x82cm
W/C 56x64cm
What's the Rush?*
W/C 25x30cm
Spring Revelry*
W/C 27x30cm
Watchers on the Shore*
W/C 27x30cm
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About Min Zhang

After five years of learning Chinese painting, in 2008 I began to enter my works to some art exhibitions in Melbourne. From 2009, my fascination with the particular nature of the materials used in traditional painting (ink and water colours on thin Xuan paper that will be backed with more sheets of paper later) led me to explore totally new ways of using them to paint contemporary themes. My working method is to experiment, testing various new techniques, improving them from a primitive stage to maturity, while thinking what types of pictures could be enhanced by them. This often results in combining contrasting characteristics: smoothness versus coarseness, continuity versus abruptness, and stillness versus movement. I won Third prize in Small Works Competition of Canterbury Art Exhibition in 2009. I have work on consignment at Edges Art Gallery and Hawthorn Studio & Art Gallery.

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