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Nic Fern

Nic has been painting from a young age but it became her fulltime passion in 1997. Her work is bold and whimsical with a style that is unmistakably her own. Its easiness combined with Nic’s spectacular use of colour emote a sense of light heartedness making it impossible not to smile. A few times during her career, nic has taken time out to rediscover her creativity that has allowed her to evolve into a mature and passionate artist. Her greatest achievement came in 2000 when her work was selected as an Archibald Prize finalist. While she has been involved in many privately run solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, most of her work is sold by private acquisition.

For more on Nic Fern see www.facebook.com/nicfernartist


2006 Exhibition

Bright Bouquet
OIL 100x100cm

Love Vista
OIL 100x100cm

Love Loud
ACRYLIC 61x61cm

Love Long
ACRYLIC 61x61cm
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