Patricia Bermingham Smith


Women At The Well
OIL 88x54cm
Horses On The Mountain
OIL 61x46cm
Horses Have Bolted
OIL 61x46cm
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About Patricia Bermingham Smith

Patricia's experience over many years includes the study of painting and drawing with focus upon colour, the use of various mediums, portraits, landscapes, artists' individual and group styles combined with history of art, ceramic work, sculpture encompassing various mediums such as portraits, casting, limestone carving, clay modelling and life sculpture, and most recently, life drawing and portrait work.

Most paintings convey beautiful warm tones which have a strong unifying effect, appealing to the eye and complementary to the subject. A combination of real and abstract work, with sometimes surreal overtones offer further suggestion to the content of something beyond. Subjects include portraits, figures, landscapes and floral work.

Of interest to the artist are works of impressionistic style especially the effect of light on colour and surrealism.

The landscape and portrait works of Sydney Nolan and Fred Williams portraying the essence of the subject are greatly admired.

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