Peter Watts


acrylic 95x125cm
#512   $3800
Stormy Break
acrylic 85x100cm
#513   $2900
Scattered View
acrylic 79x60cm
#514   $1800   SOLD
acrylic 79x100cm
#515   $2800
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About Peter Watts

Peter Watts is an Australian landscape artist based in Melbourne & Daylesford, Victoria.

Peter’s paintings stem from visual exploration of the surrounding countryside at his Daylesford property in central Victoria. Peter captures theatrical cloud formations and sudden light changes that are inherent in the landscapes of the region.

In each of his paintings, Peter depicts the mood and essence of a particular moment – a sunrise, sunset, gust of wind or an ominous storm rolling in. His paintings span different seasons and various times of the day, capturing the ever-changing light and shadows that fall across the landscape.

Painting from his studios located on his country property and also in Melbourne, Peter has constant access to the natural spontaneous environment that forms his subject matter. He brings life to his paintings through subtle abstraction and uses the paint’s tactility to create a lightly textured surface, furthering the abstraction.

With his graphic design work being awarded and exhibited internationally, Peter uses his 30 years of experience as a creative design director to form the balanced and exciting compositions within his paintings.

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