Pip Matthews


Mo the Emperor Tamarin IV
mixed 33x33cm
#345   $245   SOLD
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About Pip Matthews

Pip Matthews is a local printmaker whocreates unique, limited edition linocuts featuring colourful, decorativelypatterned animals and birds, landscapes and anything else that catches herimagination.  Her works often incorporate literary references, symbols andplays on words. 

Pip creates her linocuts by carving the image onto a lino block.  The block is then inked with a roller and paper is placed on top.  Together, the inked block and paper are rolledthrough an old fashioned printing press, to create each individual print.  The block is then re-inked to create the nextprint in the series.  For reductionlinocuts, the carving and printing process is repeated a number of times, withdifferent coloured ink, until the image is complete.  Some of Pip’s prints are hand-colouredwith water-colour or ink once they are dry, or hand-gilded with metal leaf(these prints are described in the Canterbury Art Show as “mixed media”).  

Each of Pip’s prints is individuallysigned, numbered and stamped or marked with Pip’s sign or “chop”, whichsymbolises her family, career and twin children.  When she is not printing (or needs more money for art supplies) she moonlights as a lawyer.





You can find out more about Pip andher works at www.pipmatthews.com.au and you can find her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/pip_matthews_printmaker/

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