Rain White


Lysterfield Lake - Diptych
Oil 40x81cm
Blue Mountains - Diptych
Oil 76x122cm
Stone Circle - Diptych
Oil 61x122cm
Forest Walk
Oil 61x122cm
*Landscape of Smoke
Oil 23x23cm
*Landscape of Dreams
Oil 23x23cm
*Landscape of Bliss
Oil 23x23cm
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About Rain White

My art is an escape from doing into being. Action into stillness. Nature and it's eternal presence is a source of endless inspiration for me. I seek to create and manifest images that create sense of stillness and vast space within the soul. Through an investigation of motifs including; landscape, stones, sacred sites, ancient signs, symbols and archaic script, I seek to communicate a sense of timelessness, of universal knowing; a place beyond mind. The sacred eternal.

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