Robyn Rankin


I Said No Peeking
ACRYLIC 120x132cm
Salt and Pepper Pepper Pepper
ACRYLIC 120x132cm
Princess Posies
ACRYLIC 132x120cm
Little League
ACRYLIC 120x142cm
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About Robyn Rankin

After graduating from Swinburne University, Rankin’s early career began in Melbourne as a graphic designer and photographer. Photographic assignments for the travel industry took her round Australia and New Zealand . Rankin later taught art and photography at Methodist Ladies’ College. A move to Noosa with her young family provided the opportunity to change direction, and a love affair with paint began in 2000.

Rankin is well represented in private collections in Australia and overseas, and is featured in the publication by Michael Berry, “Selective Contemporary Artists of Australia.”

Artist’s Statement

Children at play has been an enduring theme of my work. Inspired by observation of my own two young ones as they explored their world, expressing joy and wonderment. And reflecting on fragmented memories of my own childhood, old fashioned, simple pleasures. I have secreted away moments that belong to my family and their friends, and generously they have allowed me to expose them to the world. The paintings have such resonance because it is the same childhood story for so many. The viewer can recognise these emotions and joys. They recall and cherish their own childhood memories. They respond with excitement because their own children are dancing and skipping across the canvas. The theme is universal. We can all relate to this special place we call childhood. My children are older now, and no longer involved in these pursuits, but these memories endure as long as you keep them alive...I steal a moment, and make it happen again with paint. These are the cherished images of a time when life is uncluttered and free.



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