Rosemary Williams


mixed 100x100cm
#533   $1600
mixed 100x100cm
#534   $1600
mixed 100x100cm
#535   $1600
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About Rosemary Williams

The delicate beauty and mystery of nature has always captivated Rosemary and greatly influenced her art work.  From the soft earthy tones and rich textures, to the organic shapes and patinations.  Rosemary works in an array of mediums, including acrylic paint,  graphite, oil pastel and gold leaf.  Vintage and handprinted papers are also used.  Layers are built up to give the illusion of depth, then sanded and rubbed back to create a weathered appearance the evokes the influence of time.  Rosemary rarely pre-plans her work, but rather allows it to develop and tell its own story.  

Rosemary was born in Melbourne,  and resides on a rural property on the Mornington Peninsula.  Many hours are spent in her home studio, situated on three acres of garden and natural bushland.  It is here, that she finds and endless supply of ideas and inspiration.  

Rosemary  has been represented by various galleries within Australia,  has had successful solo and joint exhibitions and regularly participates in local and metropolitan  art shows.  Rosemary also conducts small art classes and workshops from her home studio.

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