Sabina D'Antonio


Lily Pad Pink
pastel 97x78cm
#107   $1100
pastel 97x78cm
#108   $1100
Splash of Blue
pastel 97x78cm
#109   $1100
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About Sabina D'Antonio

Sabina D'Antonio Medium: Figurative Pastel Drawing on Paper

Created with Pastel on Paper, Sabina’s one of akind figurative pastel drawings are an adventure in colour and energy, givingthe viewer a vibrant image to enjoy. The numbers which you see throughoutSabina’s work are inspired from Sabina’s vast manufacturing background, as wellas the numbers which she comes across throughout her day. The volume is basedon Sabina’s mood, the energy of the model, and overall feel of the day. As wellas numbers, Sabina also enjoys using letters and swirls to represent the energyof life we generate from within, even when standing still. As with allSabina’s work, inspiration is key, the palette of hues across her works comefrom her surroundings and the day’s events in which she is creating in. FromSabina’s drive along the esplanade to life drawing, to a person’s shirt or a propthe model brought in, life is Sabina’s inspiration. Sabina’s life drawings never have a face, so shedecided to focus on just that in her own way through a series of abstractportraitures. Here Sabina shares with you a style in simplicity whichspeaks volumes. Stunning bold rich colour, with a minimalism that ignites thesefigurative works. This is not coloured paper; Sabina works each colour you seeinto the paper by hand, creating a true piece of artwork for you to enjoy formany years to come.

“I am a self taught full-time artist with a passion to create and capture atrue beauty of art in each body of work, with the hopes in making a happyescape for the viewer.”


Achievements: • 2016 Art & Beyond Publications Special Nude and FigurativeArt - Published Content Winner – Sabina D’Antonio - “Sandy Coast” • 2015 Art & Beyond Publications Special Nude and FigurativeArt “The Body Beautiful” - Published Content Winner – SabinaD’Antonio - “Blue Addition” • 2015 Online Gallery Light Space & Time FigurativeArt Exhibition – SpecialRecognition Award– SabinaD’Antonio – “Beautiful Journey”

Representation: - Black Spot Gallery - Without Pier Gallery

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