Sarah Cameron


Bottles And Cherries
ARC/OIL 140x105cm
The Red And White Tablecloth
ARC/OIL 160x100cm
ARC/OIL 70x80cm
ARC/OIL 80x60cm
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About Sarah Cameron

Sarah was born in Perth and moved to Sydney for the first eleven years of her life, then moved down to Melbourne with her family. She credits her use of bright fresh colours and loose technique to growing up in the tropical climate of Sydney, the casual outdoors lifestyle, and long summer holidays on the beach. The Seventies in Sydney were also the time of marimekko textiles, and fabulously vibrant colours in clothing and interiors.

All her life she has been an avid drawer and painter. This largely went unnoticed until at the age of 12 she painted a truly kitsch pink carnation on a card as a Mother's Day gift. To this day Sarah remembers being very disappointed in the final product, although to her great surprise, it inspired her mother to organize painting lessons.

It soon became apparent that an ulterior motive of her mother was to get as many forgeries on the sitting room wall as possible, to be gazed at enviously by her 'bridge ladies'. Hence Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Fred Williams etc began emerging from Sarah's brush, with varying degrees of success.

However, a lot can be learnt by copying anothers technique, and the forgery process enabled Sarah, whilst learning the technique of handling paint on a canvas, to evolve a style of her own.

On finishing school, achieving 98% for art in her final year and gaining 1st prize in the University of Melbourne Art Competition judged by William Mora in 1982, Sarah decided to harness her creativity to a profession, and became an architect. Architecture has never really fulfilled that creative urge however, so she continues to paint for herself and to commission.

In the past 5 years she has sold 80 works. Whether it is a voluptuous nude or an al fresco lunch setting, the subject matter is always relaxed and reminiscent of the good things in life, expressed in the sensuous medium of impasto acrylic or oils.

Sarah now lives in Melbourne with her husband Michael, daughter Annie, Lucy the Labrador and Colin the cat. She combines architecture and interior design with painting, and trying to live the lifestyle she attempts to evoke on canvas.

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