Saren Dobkins


Listening To The Earth
OIL 76x102cm
Watching Over You
OIL 102x102cm
Bird Watching
OIL 102x102cm
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About Saren Dobkins

Saren Dobkins' work is of an expressionist and contemporary style and is very multi-layered in its meaning. Saren explores conceptual constructs of who we are and how we interact within the world. One such example is the discrepancy of the self that exists within and the projection of an exterior persona.

One of the major forms of influence on her thinking and perceptions is literature. She is intrigued by our construction of meaning through language and the manner in which we are able to communicate different experiences, and she attempts to extend this into visual form. For this reason, much of her work is described as narrative.

Other artists and their work that she has looked to for inspiration are as varied in form as they are in time and space. As an immigrant to this country from Africa, she introduces the myriad of visual inputs and experiences she was exposed to as a child. A tendency towards bright, primary colours, strong dramatic forms, a sculptural weight to objects and above all, the representation of the figure to express the "story" are some examples. Australian artists who have had a profound effect on how to view the "landscape" of Australia are equally varied but those who stand out are Sydney Nolan, Lawrence Daws, Russell Drysdale and Emily Kngawarreye. She attributes her love of draughtsmanship to the inspiration of artists such as Picasso and Brett Whiteley.

Saren has participated in over 22 exhibitions, in the 15 years she has been practicing as a professional artist. Her work has been collected by both private and public collectors in USA, UK, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. Recently, two works were purchased by the University of Queensland for their collection (2001). The South Australian Museum have also purchased two works (1990). With a Bachelor of Art and Architecture and a Diploma in Multimedia, Saren has integrated her creative talent into a number of different avenues.

Saren Dobkins' images try and explore the nuances, tensions and unmasked situations that weaves invisibly through our public persona. The challenge is to turn these personal moments into something that is new and relevant to the present.

Saren's Studio is located above Cafe Boheme, 368 Bridge Rd, Cnr Coppin St, Richmond.

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