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Siân Dodd

Siân has been painting since graduating from RMIT (Bachelor of Fine Art - Painting) in 1978. For 10 years, post art school she shared a large warehouse/studio with a group of fellow artists, all supporting their passion with a variety of part-time jobs. Siân paints to fulfil a creative urge and finds the act of making marks on paper or canvas a satisfying experience, both challenging and rewarding. At this stage of her life it is also what she does to "earn a crust".

Her work has changed stylistically over the years, however its source, the natural environment, remains constant. She uses the landscape as a springboard into her work. It provides her with clues to the colours, textures, moods, rhythms etc. Ultimately her work is not about creating an accurate depiction of a particular landscape, but more her response to it. Siân's aim in each painting is to distill an essence.

Siân is represented in numerous corporate and private collections, both in Australia and overseas. Her most recent award in 2004 was the "Jimmy Possum Award" for outstanding contemporary composition at the Bendigo Art Exhibition.


2006 Exhibition

Lightly Treed

Vivid Landscape


Shells And Sea Urchins
PRINT 80x80cm
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