Sonya Veronica


Pilgrimage 4
GOUACHE 50x70cm
Pilgrimage 5
GOUACHE 50x70cm
ACRYLIC 92x92cm
Through The Mist
ACRYLIC 92x62cm
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About Sonya Veronica

Came to Australia in July 1996, Sonya Veronica has since been living in Melbourne.

Inspired largely by music, from Classical, Incidental to Jazz, Sonya Veronica’s work expresses the intertwined and impromptu rhythm within. Each composition explores stillness and movement just as notes & rests in music.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • Canterbury Art Exhibition (Group), Painting, 5-7th May 2006, Canterbury Primary School, Molesworth Street, Canterbury, Victoria
  • Project Nine – Revolution (Group), Painting, May/June,2006 The Artery Fitzroy, Moor St, Fitzroy, Victoria

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