Sophie MacKinnon


Kev and Cliff
acrylic 64x64cm
#368   $850   SOLD
acrylic 53x43cm
#369   $600   SOLD
acrylic 53x53cm
#370   $700   SOLD
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About Sophie MacKinnon

Sophie is an emerging artist who paints from her home studio on the Mornington Peninsula. As a child Sophie always loved drawing and wrote little story books with detailed illustrations. As a young adult Sophie still enjoyed drawing and from her 10 years in corporate life has memories of walking out of meetings with pages of intricate flower and animal doodling while others had notes on statistics and strategic goals. Sophie left the corporate world 14 years ago to raise her three children. In 2016 some life jolting events reminded Sophie that life is way too short to not live her life whilst smiling so she invested in some acrylic paints, brushes and canvases to indulge in a new hobby, something to make her smile. With some gentle encouragement from family and friends, Sophie exhibited work for the first time at Art Red Hill in 2017 and sold all her pieces, likewise at the 2017 Camberwell Art Show. She has since exhibited and had sales at the Southern Buoy Studios, Mt Eliza Art & Design Show and Mornington Art Show. Sophie is currently enjoying painting a variety of animal portraits. Before putting brush to canvas she names each animal and imagines a personality to help individualise and characterise them. She loves the challenge of starting a new painting and seeing how best to paint the texture of the fur or the colour of a feather. Without fail however, her favourite section to paint on each piece is always the eyes as she can manipulate them to help tell the story of each animal. Sophie is truly energised and excited by her new found love for painting and where it will take her in the future.

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