Sophie Maragos


Japanese Garden
mixed 66x66cm
#338   $550
Morning Bloom
mixed 66x66cm
#339   $550
Spring Bouquet
mixed 76x76cm
#340   $650
Autumn Blaze
mixed 61x61cm
#341   $480
*Miniature Bouquet 1
mixed 30x30cm
#342   $210
*Miniature Bouquet 2
mixed 30x30cm
#343   $210
*Miniature Bouquet 3
mixed 30x30cm
#344   $210
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About Sophie Maragos

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving the house" - Twyla Tharp

I often retreat to my world of art as an escape from the hum of everyday life. Here is where I love to experiment and create, using a variety of media. For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for colour, pattern, design and anything handmade. I have a background in teaching and Interior Design, but my passion lies in creating beautiful pieces of art.

My mixed media collection embraces the floral form and it involves using paints, inks and markers, which are layered to create rich and textured backgrounds. The fun then begins when I search for floral imaginative flowers within the layers of paint in order to create a bouquet. The exciting part is that I don't start with an image in mind of what I want, but instead I allow the paints and inks to flow freely, to from their own path and to create their own shapes.

I derive great pleasure in creating these pieces of art and I hope you get as much pleasure in interacting with them.

Sophie Maragos

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