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Susan Groves

Susan Groves began drawing and painting in 1977 with an artist friend, Jan McBride, as tutor and motivator, often working in the Yarra Valley environs.

Susan started painting again in 1993 after a long break due to time spent raising a family, study and teaching commitments - this time concentrating on watercolor and more recently, acrylics and mixed media often using collage to produce textures. She also works with linocuts, embossing and dry-point etching.

Susan is inspired and influenced by the colors and patterns to be found in scenes and objects, both natural and man made - from her home, local environment and travels in Australia and overseas.

Since 1994 Susan has participated in many Art exhibitions, including St Kevin's, Toorak College, Canterbury, Flinders, Sorrento, Brighton, Red Hill, Mt Eliza North, SmartArtz Gallery, Manyung, Hawthorn Studio and Gallery. Her most recent exhibition was at Tacit Gallery in 2013.

Awards include Second Prize, Melba Centre Art Show 1994; Still Life Prize, Flinders Art Show 1995; Highly Commended, Flinders Art Show 1995, 2002; Highly Commended, Sorrento Art Show 2004.

Susan is represented in private collections in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Paris and London


2006 Exhibition

The Oriental Urn
MIXED 80x55cm

The Japanese Screen
MIXED 84x94cm

Fan I
MIXED 70x82cm

Japan Textures I & II (pair)
MIXED 50x40cm
click on artwork to see a larger version

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