Susan Romyn


Our Town
oil 24x18cm
#476   $250
The View From Up Here
oil 24x18cm
#477   $250
Never Far Apart
oil 24x18cm
#478   $250   SOLD
Drinks At Our House
oil 24x18cm
#479   $250   SOLD
At Home Together
oil 24x18cm
#480   $250   SOLD
acrylic 30x30cm
#481   $350   SOLD
acrylic 30x30cm
#482   $350   SOLD
Time For Growing
acrylic 40x40cm
#483   $480   SOLD
*Happy Fish 2
acrylic 10x10cm
#484   $85   SOLD
*Happy Fish 3
acrylic 10x10cm
#485   $85
*Happy Fish 1
acrylic 10x13cm
#486   $85
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About Susan Romyn

Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Education - Arts and Crafts MCAE in 1987. Since then she has held numerous teaching positions in the Arts and is currently choosing to stay at home to focus on her two children and her artistic endeavors.

Susan has spent the last twenty years using the process of shellac etching and finds it a very satisfying form of printing. She finds it to be more subtle and instant than a metal plate. It has the added attraction of surprise every time the paper is lifted from the press. Most of her time is spent with her acrylic paintings which embrace texture and whimsy, and small moments in time that she likes to highlight as sometimes they go unnoticed. Color has fascinated her especially unexpected combinations and she uses it to enhance truly dynamic compositions recently doing more oil paintings and ceramics.who knows where that might lead  …

Susan has lived and worked on the Surfcoast, where she lived in Aireys Inlet, but recently moved to the northern beaches of NSW  to a small town called Emerald Beach

Susan finds her influences in daily life - trying to focus on the whimsical and the preciousness of every moment. Her topics are often thoughtful and consist of many layers.

Susan spends time in Japan in each year and is at present exploring this experience visually...and loving it.

The most important aspect of her work is complete enjoyment…to be lost in....and to enhance everyday life.

Susan's website will give updated images and upcoming events .

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