Tonia Sanft


Pondering Sophie
acr/ink 94x63cm
#442   $980
Sultry Sophie
acr/ink 94x63cm
#443   $980
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About Tonia Sanft

Tonia Sanft


Canterbury Art Exhibition 2019



For the past 10 years I have lived in vibrant Melbourne having spent 12 years in beautiful country Victoria, at the foot of the snow and High Country. Prior to this, I grew up and lived in Sydney and spent a lot of time on beaches, by the ocean and exploring the bush in the Royal National Park south of Sydney. Watching people and the many moods of nature, and the way they interact with each other inspired me greatly to capture these points in time by creating art.


Creating art has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I learned to draw and paint in art classes both at school and outside of school from a young age and achieved a Level 1 art accreditation in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate. Since school, whilst not employed in the art industry, I continued drawing and painting for pleasure and joined various art groups, tutored and untutored, including a year of oil painting, part-time at East Sydney Technical College and weekly life drawing classes for a number of years at the No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne. 


Having recently eased back from full-time employment, I can now give more serious thought and time to creating artworks regularly. I am constantly thinking about art and how blessed I am to be able to create anything at all from an initial thought whether it be simple or complex. It’s a journey that is building on my years of using many mediums including acrylic, pastels, graphite, ink, watercolour and oils. The world-wide art community is extensive but so creative and supportive of artists and I continually learn from and be inspired by amazing artists. I also draw inspiration from beautiful and unusual outdoor moments. These moods are captured in my current artwork where I’m exploring colour and texture techniques with no restriction on size or medium.


Finding inspiration from the female form, I’m currently enjoying using acrylic and ink for free-flowing lines and curves to create contemporary, beautiful, thoughtful and calm women.

Pondering Sophie and Sultry Sophieare the latest artworks in my Sophie series of paintings. They follow two Sophie commissions where the original concept was to create a minimalist, linear nude to recline above a bed in the master bedroom of a very modern house. I love painting the curvaceous and flowing line of the female form using fluidity and varying line depth. The concept draws on my experience over many years of creating artwork from live models. The background of white acrylic paint has been painted full of texture and movement. Pondering Sophie and Sultry Sophie both depict feminine, beautiful and sensual ladies. Pondering Sophie is relaxed yet playful, as I wanted to create her from an interesting viewpoint and on the diagonal, and Sultry Sophieis relaxed and confidently sexy. I have pleasure in offering these artworks to the Canterbury Art Exhibition.

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