Trish Bourke


Burnt 1
mixed 59x45cm
#31   $600
Burnt 2
other 59x45cm
#32   $600
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About Trish Bourke

I am drawn to the bush. To listen, to smell, to observe, to draw.

My artistic journey started when I worked in small limited edition Print galleries in Melbourne & London. In order for me to understand the printmaking process, I was taught to etch. As a young mother, printmaking became too difficult & I started exploring watercolour. After studying traditional Renaissance paint making for Italy in 2012, I started making my own watercolour paints. This allows me to create vibrant hues & explore different papers crafted from organic materials. I love the traditional & sustainable aspects of these these products. 

December 2018, I spent 3 weeks as Artist in Residence at Police Point on the Mornington Peninsula. Working with Parks Victoria & the Point Nepean Historical Society, Sorrento Museum, I researched the history of the area and the disappearence of PM Harold Holt. I was given permission to work 'en plein air' on Cheviot Beach and access to the Museum collection for drawing. The works, 23 drawings & paintings were on display at the Sorrento Museum during March 2019. 

I teach Botanical Illustration & Drawing in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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