Vanessa Mackie


Prince Protea
acrylic 94x94cm
#327   $890
Dashing Through Cornflowers
acrylic 117x117cm
#328   $890   SOLD
acrylic 124x124cm
#329   $890
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About Vanessa Mackie

Always having an interest in interior design and colour, Vanessa really started focussing on her artwork after having her three children, some years ago. Time away from her corporate career allowed her to tap into her creative personality to realise her interest in interiors, colour and styling through her painting.

Her artworks are strong and striking, intended to make a statement in any room. Colour and composition are key to her pieces. Vanessa draws inspiration from designers' styling and on trend palettes to produce pieces for modern living. Although her work is contemporary abstract, it is also an illustration of joyful emotions, avoiding dark images and titles.

It is so rewarding for Vanessa to bring happiness and enjoyment to her clients with a piece of her art to be displayed in their homes.

Vanessa accepts commissions and successfully exhibits her works throughout, Victoria.

"I love creating artwork for people to hang in their homes, which not only suits its surroundings, but also evokes different emotions to each viewer. A conversation starter for people to contemplate the way they see different images and meanings."

Gallery: Instagram: @vanessamackie_art

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