Vanessa Mackie


Wink Wink
acrylic 79x155cm
#365   $890   SOLD
acrylic 122x122cm
#366   $890   SOLD
acrylic 76x153cm
#367   $790
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About Vanessa Mackie

Vanessa is an Australian born self taught artist living in Melbourne with her husband and 3 children. Her work is a mix of acrylic mediums, including inks.  Her combination of vibrant, modern colours and carefully considered composition, produces individual, contemporary works.  

Vanessa's consistent interest in interior styling and design provides an opportunity for her to express this in her art, producing pieces relevant to modern living.

Vanessa successfully exhibits her works at local Artshows throughout Melbourne, Victoria.  

 Artist’s Statement

"I love creating artwork for people to hang in their homes, which not only suits its surroundings,  but also evokes different emotions to each viewer.   A conversation starter for people to contemplate the way they see different images and meanings."

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