Warren Ansell


Hydra Spray
ACRYLIC 122x30cm
Dancing Hydrangeas
ACRYLIC 70x100cm
Hydra Grand
ACRYLIC 100x100cm
ACRYLIC 76x50cm
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About Warren Ansell

Warren Ansell has a C.V in the hairdressing industry that includes a scholarship to travel overseas to study and work with some of the big names in the international scene such as Vidal Sassoon in London, Monroes in Toronto and studied make up in Paris.

While in Paris, the love of art began, the study of colour through make-up, hair colour, which on canvas all has the same principles.

Warren is studying with Walter Magilton and is pursuing an art career.

Influences have been colour and how it translates from any medium. Time will tell what the true influences become realism, impressionism, surrealism, the focus of painting our time.

Warren Ansell's work can be viewed at Warren Ansell Salon in Camberwell.

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