Wendy Neilson


acrylic 50x60cm
#414   $430
Quiet Spaces Within
acrylic 100x74cm
#415   $860
Treasured Memories
acrylic 100x100cm
#416   $1090
acrylic 50x60cm
#417   $450
*Beside Me
acrylic 30x30cm
#418   $215
*Terrarium Seedling
acrylic 30x30cm
#419   $215
*Seasons Change
acrylic 30x30cm
#420   $215   SOLD
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About Wendy Neilson

Wendy finds great joy in the many layers of painted colour, in surface textures and in mark making. She is currently working a developing conceptual visual vocabulary, in both the deliberate and accidental.
She practices an intuitive and playful response to the idea of what is our ‘landscape' of our minds, our stories, our treasures, our time. What is the landscape of our hearts and journeys? Landscapes that are wild and wide open in our minds. And those that contrast inner growth with past learnings both contained or planted. 
The Terrarium Growth series of these landscapes, exploring the concept of how as humans we can ‘bottle up’ our feelings, our thoughts, or perhaps they are images of how we like to preserve, and store away our memories? 

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